14 The #Ungrading Memes

by David Buck

This chapter is devoted to a wonderful rhetorical device — the Internet meme. Many times, a meme can establish the same argument as an article or essay, perhaps even more effectively. Succinct, subtle, and just plain interesting, memes devoted to #ungrading are needed! If you wish to contribute to this chapter and would like to create your own #ungrading meme, check out Imgflip, KAPWING, Promo, Motionbox, or Canva.


The end of the semester be like . . .

This image shows two pictures of the same dog. The dog under the title "Grading" is disheveled and stressed. The dog under the title "#Ungrading" is dressed nicely with smooth hair and wearing sunglasses.

This is an image of a small dog with a sad face wrapped in a blanket. Next to the dog is a voice pop out with the words "please don't make me face another grade."

Picture of a sweating man with two buttons to choose from. #UNgrade and transform students' learning & growth; Grade and keep students' learning transactional & lifeless; TEACHERS IN 2021

Picture of batman slapping robin.

Picture of a person reaching for a balloon. Except another person is holding them back.

Photo of Bernie Sanders asking for support.

Photo of a car careening off the highway toward the exit that says Ungrading.

Photo of a cartoon character's clenched fist.

Photo of a distracted boyfriend looking at another girl called Learning without grades.

Photo of Oprah yelling Just got rid of grades!

Photo of blindfolded people in a boat. Grades are communication; Tell that to the student.

Photo of a confident cat strolling across the room. Title: Me walking into my class with an ungrading approach.

Photo of men laughing. Title: And then they said that grades are objective evaluations of learning.

Photo of a man sitting at a folding table. Title: Students can learn without grades; Change my mind.

Photo of an angry women pointing with the title Students. Second photo of a cat with Title: Grades

Photo of a man holding a gun. Title: Keep saying that grades are effective feedback. I dare you!

Photo of a man in a car looking back at a girl.

Photo of a scared cat with bulging eyes. Title: When grades realize they're no longer relevant.

Photo of Dwight from The Office. Title: Grades adequately gauge the quality of student work. False! Grades are arbitrary markers from a biased evaluator.

Photo of the most interesting man in the world. Title: I don't usually use grades. In fact, I never do.

Photo of men laughing at a party. Title: Me when I read my old grading policies.

Cartoon of a person holding a butterfly. Title: My semester is going to be awesome!

Two photos of Drake. Title: student hears that most courses use traditional grades. Student realizes there are some teachers doing ungrading.

Cartoon of a dog sitting at a table in the midst of a fire. Title: Teachers using traditional grades. This is fine.

Photo of a man pointing to his brain. Title: You can't get a bad grade if your teacher is ungrading.

Photo of a little girl smiling outside of a burning house. Title: There was a grade in there. It's gone now.

Photo of a man holding a bunch of UNO cards. Title: Teachers who fear change.

Cartoon of Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. Title: See? This is what happens to students when subjected to grades.

Photo of Bernie Sanders sitting with mittens on.

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