Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Howard Community College Journal for Research in Progress (JRIP). I am pleased to launch this initiative to encourage student research work at HCC.  The idea for the journal grew out of a Faculty Professional Learning Community (FPLC) about undergraduate research and embraces many disciplines across the campus. I look forward to future editions that will feature student research from all academic areas.  

       Undergraduate research at community colleges is growing as faculty members realize the importance of engaging students in the research process earlier in their academic journey. The JRIP showcases the outstanding original research work that our students are doing in their respective disciplines and documents their achievements to date. 

       The journal also provides a critical layer in the research process, the public presentation of the work.  Students already have opportunities to share their research work with posters and oral presentations at the annual college honors conference. JRIP offers another venue for students to demonstrate their work, which will, as of this writing, be reviewed by their peers. 

       With the JRIP, students will leave their community college experience already having been published. By having “in progress” in the title, the hope is that students may choose to build on this research for future publication in other peer-reviewed journals.  

       I hope you enjoy reading the amazing work that our students are doing under the mentorship of our energetic and creative faculty members.  


Jean Svacina, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic Affairs


Thank You

We would especially like to thank The Kalhert Foundation for their support of our students and specifically this journal. The Kalhert Foundation is interested in Education and specifically Education in the STEM fields.


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