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Volume 1, 2018 Contents:


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1. 3D Printed Acoustic Violin
       Taylor Woodhead


2. Polygonal Numbers and Common Differences
       Siavash Aarabi


3. Pythagorean Triples
       Alex Bisnat and Kyle Sutton


4. Out of the Cave, Into the Darkness
       Kathleen Hamilton


5. PSR1913+16: The Binary Pulsar, Mathematical Reproduction and Extension
       Kathleen Hamilton and Ye Hie (Joy) Cho


6. Feeding Inductions in a Species of Caterpillar: Manduca sexta
       Camille Espada and Amanda Wheland


7. Defining Katie’s Triangle and Common Properties with Pascal’s Triangle
       Charles Lundelius and Jake Hoffman


8. Genetics and Bipolar Disorder
       Sara Samadani


9. “Fee-fi-fo-fum”: Deriving e, φ, and π from Pascal’s Triangle
       Russell Schwartz


10. LIGO Analysis: Direct Detection of Gravitational Waves
       Filippos Tzortzakakis and Burhanuddin Marvi


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