3 Basic IP For Windows

IP Network for Windows

To access and view IP information for Windows 10, please the following command:

  • running ipconfig from the command line will provide the following out:
  • Notice the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway.
  • Using Powershell, you can format the output (notice the difference with the subnet mask)
  • Powershell cmdlet  uses the “/” slash. For example, = /24
  • Additionally, the IP information per adapter is stored in the Windows Registry.
    • HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TCPIP\Parameters\Interface


Route and IP Information

To determine the route information for a local computer using windows, the command is route. (route print)

windows route print command outpout
dos command windows, route print command display out.

Notice from the above output, the Network Destination — This is the default route for external network. If the computer is unable to find the computer within its local net, windows 10 will use the default route., the local loop back has a subnet mask the network address has a subnet mask of

The computer’s IP address from the above capture is This information is under the interface column.

Windows will use IP address for all source IP address. Additionally, Windows will use the IP address to advertise its network on the switch.

Switch maintains an ARP table associated

ARP -A for output
ARP -A output

with IP address. In windows, you can lookup the arp table. is the router, which is has an ARP (MAC address) of 00-50-56-f6-32-b9. This is a dynamic, since the computer uses DHCP services. Traffic are classified within a network as unicast, broadcast, or multicast. Unicast traffic are client to client or client to server. For example, a HTTPS traffic from a browser to a web server would be classified as an Unicast traffic. Broadcast traffic sends packets to all IP host on a given network. The broadcast network address.  An example of Windows sharing a file using SMB protocol to advertise shared services. Another example would be DHCP services, the services is broadcasted to the given subnet to provide IP address services.





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