1 Introduction to Networks

network of the internet
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network of the internet

Network Fundamentals

A computer network is a digital communication which allows nodes to share resources.

A simple network is two computer communicating.  In a simple network, you only need:

  • Source Computer
  • Destination Computer

To share between the two computers, we need a network (pathway) between the two computers.

The two computers are connected through a network; this is the pathway between the two computers.  The most common pathway between two computers is the media. A standard media in the enterprise is copper.  Copper cabling is bounded. Another media is wireless (radio frequency), which is unbounded.

After the media has been set up, now the two computers must agree on the protocol.  For the CMSY164 course, the focus will be in TCP (Transport Control Protocol) and IP (Internet Protocol).

In an enterprise network design, nodes are in the access layer.

Image result for enterprise network design access layer
picture of different design of network (access layer, distribution layer, core layer)


Following the OSI model:

Datei:Osi 7layer modell.png
The 7 osi model

In the access layer, the nodes are connected to a switch. Then the switch is connected to a switch which provides both layer 2 and layer 3 support.

Finally, the core layer are connected by switches are routers. End nodes are not connected to the core layer.


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