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I’m David Buck, a Professor of English at Howard Community College. I usually teach composition and literature courses. My Master’s degree is from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA), with a focus on English Education. From 2010-2014, I was the Director of eLearning, during which we adopted Canvas in 2011. HowardCC was one of the first institutions east of the Mississippi to adopt Canvas–we were certainly “early adopters”! I am also the facilitator of HowardOpen, the college’s initiative to replace costly commercial textbooks with open educational resources (OER).

Before coming to HowardCC in 2007, I was an English Instructor for eight years at a community college in New Jersey. I am an avid Philadelphia sports fan and have enjoyed the recent success of the Eagles (finally!). My interests include the assessment of writing, the pedagogical uses of technology and blended learning, writing across the curriculum, and mastery-based learning. After serving as Director of eLearning, my interests have expanded to include the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs), open pedagogy, #ungrading, and OER.

I absolutely love teaching and hope to inspire my students to become intrinsically-motivated lifelong learners. I’m excited to have you in ENGL-121!


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