A Note From the Editorial Team Volume 2

The editorial team for the Journal of Research in Progress at Howard Community College (JRIP) hopes you have enjoyed the second volume of our publication. The team began as a STEM Faculty Professional Learning Community (FPLC) in the Fall of 2017 and has expanded to include many academic areas within HCC. This year’s volume was also expanded to include original students’ artwork inspired by the articles within the journal.

Our editorial team knew that there were students who had produced great research and artwork while here at HCC and our goal was to celebrate that work in print. We reached out to current students and alumni and asked them to prepare an original research article for publication. Students greeted this challenge with enthusiasm and worked with their mentors to craft the articles and artwork in this journal. Each student research article underwent peer review by at least one member of the editorial team, another student and a volunteer faculty and/or staff member at HCC. We want to extend a special thank you to all of the peer review volunteers.

In addition to serving as mentors for the students, the editorial team was responsible for reviewing and editing articles as well as design and layout decisions for the journal as a whole. It has been an all-out team effort of which we are very proud.

Our team would like to send a thank you to the HCC Foundation for their support and particularly our donor, The Kalhert Foundation, who contributed funds to allow this publication to happen. The editorial team and the students are grateful for your vision in recognizing the importance of undergraduate research at HCC and that public presentation of research work is a critical component of the research process.

Best wishes,

The JRIP Editorial Team


Students interested in submitting articles for next year’s volume of JRIP should contact the editorial team at JRIP@howardcc.edu.


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