Volume 2

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Volume 2, 2019 Contents:


On the Cover


A Note from the Editorial Team


Artwork – Enter the Void
       Chantil Hunt Estevez


1. Fantastic Exoplanets and Where to Find Them
       Joseph Hinchey, William Jeffreys, Parsa Samadani


2. Neuropeptide F mRNA Expression in the Tobacco Hornworm
       Aaron Archampong, Matthew Arminio, Jade Bucksell, Shiva Deljookorani, Biniam Teferedegn


3. Multiple Drug Resistance in the Human Skin Microbiome
       Matthew Arminio


Artwork – Freshwater Algae and Bacteria
       Caitlin Beckjord


4. Long Term Monitoring Of A Howard Community College Campus Stream
       Caitlin Beckjord, William Straube Ph.D.


5. Researching and Designing a Radial Wind Turbine
       Grant Bunyard, Nicholas Smellie


Artwork – “Falling Evolution”
       Janae Bucksell


6. A Practical Application Of Topology Optimization And Generative Design
       Michael Dygert


7. Negotiating Saint Lucian Identity Through a Jounen Kwéyòl Festival in Washington, DC
       Nakeena Fadlien-Fevrier


8. Multiple Drug Resistance in Normal Skin Flora
       Carol Frimpong


9. Feeding Inductions on Non-solanaceous Plants in Larval Manduca sexta 
       Carol Frimpong, Roshae C. Roberts, Tameka R. Gongs, Azmain Faeque


10. Teledentistry
       Sonya Gebreegzabher


Artwork – Joy Plant
       Thomas Beljan


11. Art and Metaphysics
       Julianna Henneberg


Artwork – Mountain Poppies
       Thomas Beljan


Artwork – Poppy Fields
       Thomas Beljan


12. Variations on Pascal’s Triangle
       Travis Priller, Andrew Kastner


Artwork – “Chaotic Precision”
       Rachel Abe


13. A Study in Chaos
       Hamza Umar, Natalie Paley


Artwork – Defeating Dragons
Jo Moore


14. Analysis Of Playing Levels In The Board Game Dungeon!
       Anna Yaroslaski


Artwork – “Your Move”
       Janae Bucksell


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