Bullish Chances Artwork

“Bullish Chances”

Claudia Jones

Digital Drawing in Procreate

While mathematics was never a strong suit of mine, I always had a curiosity for the study of probability. That is why I was interested in contributing artwork to The Effect of Different Strategies of Winning 6 Nimmt! Researched by Nathanael Bickel, 6 Nimmt, also called Take 5 in the United States, originated in Germany. After researching the game design elements, I noticed its iconic use of a bull as its representation. I focused on thus as the concept of this drawing. Using textured digital brushes on Procreate, I drew a minimalistic take of the bull symbol, using traditional neutral colors reminiscent of an American Bull. For the background, I drew a series of yellow, red, and black arrows similar to the ones found in the Take 5 logo to represent the multiple directions that the game could go in.

Mentored by: Rebecca Bafford


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