The Search for Olive Trees Artwork

“The Search for Olive Trees”

Ji Young Park

Acrylic on paper and Adobe Photoshop

Mental health in the Muslim community; a topic I was unfamiliar with. After reading the abstract, I was immediately interested in learning about Muslim culture and the negative stigma of mental health within the community. Introducing different resources and ideas, the researcher, Wajhee Zaidi, has been the source of my inspiration. The figure in the artwork and the idea of drawing the brain are both his own. With these main elements, I added olive trees, which represent peace and a gift from Allah in the Qur’an. The hoopoe bird, also mentioned in the Qur’an, symbolizes the belief in which birds are protectors. Furthermore, both a representation of life and nature, and the prophet Mohammed’s favorite color, the theme of green serves as a symbol of Islam. The combination of these elements illustrate an idea of harmony and serenity when feeling accepted for mental health issues in the Muslim community.

Mentored by: Rebecca Bafford


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