Sounds and Synthesizers Artwork

“Sounds and Synthesizers”

Sofia Medillin

Mixed Media Digital Illustration

My initial thought going into this project was that I wanted to challenge and expand my artistic abilities so I chose to create something digitally. After reviewing the abstracts, I had a notion that the combination of technology and engineering in the “Constructing and Testing an Analog Synthesizer” would be portrayed through a digital illustration. I learned from the creator that his project inspiration came from his hobby of making music after he was inspired to merge his knowledge of electrical engineering and music together. After hearing this, I felt as though there was something very innate about it because he took two of his passions and literally combined them together. His passion for music and engineering gave me the idea to create a mixed media piece because it would look more dynamic with two different mediums. I wanted there to be a clear distinction between the technology and sound in order to demonstrate the creator as well as his project.

Mentored by: Steven H Silberg


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