Artwork – “Blue Light and Glasses”

“Blue Light and Glasses”

Cole Simmons

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

I was interested in this topic because I had recently heard about blue light glasses and thought this would be a good opportunity to learn about how well they work, and to create a piece specifically inspired by them. My creative process was inspired by my fascination with all things light-related, and I decided that I could best display the concept using Adobe Illustrator for the design and Photoshop to augment the colors. The design itself is simple: bright, contrasting blue and orange light and scattered light bubbles in the background behind the head of a man wearing glasses that reflect the image of a computer emitting the blue light. I focused on the blue light itself, and exaggerated the ineffectiveness of the glasses (proven by the study) against the light itself by making the blue light appear very vibrant, and showing the rays of light coming from the computer.

Mentored by: Fahimeh Vahdat


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