Volume 3

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1. Salivary Alpha-Amylase and the Effects of Legume-Based Inhibitors
Abdelrahman Abdelaziz, Ayushi Dave, and Roshae Roberts


2. Formal Logic and the Structure of Music
Divinevictory Amayo


Artwork – “Mercury’s Passage”

Shree Krishnan


3. Looking Closely: The Transit of Mercury
Grant Bunyard


Artwork – “Van Allen Belts in Impressionism”

Dahwula Suah


4. Variation of Particle Motion in the Van Allen Belts
Ariana Bussio


Artwork – “Worms”

Rebekah Jones


5. Feeding Behaviors of Manduca sexta
Hartley Carlson, Abigail Livingston, Rohaan Mahmud, Mingqian Huang, Madhav Fadadu, and Kimia Samieniejad


Artwork – “Behind the Stars”

Janae Bucksell


6. Exoplanet Photometry and False Positives
Shila Deljookorani, Veronica Kunzle, and Dominic Leger


7. Equivalence Classes of Complex Numbers Modula a Natural Number
Jonathan Kraus and David Ryan Johnson


8. So, You Want to Win Plinko?
Benjamin Marasco and Naod Assefa


Artwork – “The Cycle”

Charise Pelan-Maclean


9. The Relationship Between Soil Texture, Land Use, and Passive Versus Out-competing Species in Urban Forest Patches
Charis Pelan-Maclean


10. Up and Away! Rebound Height and Energy Changes in a System of Collisions
Zainah Wadi, Morin French, Nian Liu


Artwork – “Entrapped”

Heather J. Sun


11. Ghosts of Parking Lots Past: The Effect of Legacy Pollution on Stream Health
Laura Wortman and Sky Erickson


Artwork – “Urban Forest”

Shuyi Cen


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